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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Treasure Hunt

We had to understand teamwork and sustainability to find the treasure in the recent Treasure Hunt show, where inhabitants of Seeland and Treeview had to work together to venture into the Beyond and find the missing songs of the Trees and Seas.

Vector Visit

To start our Science Week off with a bang (not literally, of course!), Watt the Robot paid Parera Class a visit to teach us how to stay safe around electricity.

We learned that our bodies are conductors because our bodies are 70% water.
Image result for bodies are 70% water

So, playing near electricity can be dangerous as it can arc and jump through our bodies to try to reach the ground.

Vector employees wear special safety clothing to protect them.

Magnificent Musical Marvels

Roll over, Beethoven 'cos the boys (and girls) are back in town!

What a wonderful, talented group we have in our class! From presenters to singers; from musicians to dancers - the talent on display at our annual Primary Festival was incredible. Not even the exploding sound mixer could dampen the atmosphere or prevent the show from going on.

Congratulations, everyone, on such a toe-tapping, foot-stomping, hand-clapping success!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Wellington Wanderers

The Year 6 class had an incredibly busy schedule for their Wellington trip last week. It was an early start for the airport and, once we had checked in to our hotel, we headed to the iconic Wellington cable cars for a quick ride and to admire the views of the city. 

Our next stop was Parliament.  Here, in addition to witnessing a lively debate, we also met our local MP, Mark Mitchell, for a Q & A session. The students were concerned about the impact of pollution on the environment and how electric cars could improve the situation.

The Treaty of Waitangi and other constitutional documents were investigated at the National Library, with Year 6 performing an impromptu waiata in the beautifully carved room. We were also fortunate enough to be taken into the basement archives of the Library to see how books, music and other documents were stored and transported via their own railway system. We discovered that the Library holds an ancient receipt, etched into a clay tablet, dating back to Ancient Babylonia and the largest Atlas in the world!

At Te Papa, we discovered how Pacific explorers sailed and navigated their way to New Zealand. We used computer software to design our own wakas and experienced a virtual reality simulation.

Our final trip was behind the scenes at Weta Workshops, discovering how weapons, armour and prosthetics were created for movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Avatar.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Walking with ANZACs

Our Parera Class have been lucky enough to acquire a box of WW1 artefacts - each with its own story attached. We have discovered the real young Kiwi men who served in WW1 and learned a little about their experiences before, during and after the war. 

A violin string - returned with other personal effects

Documents and maps

 Badges and other memorabilia

 Old photographs from the trenches

 Souvenirs from Egypt

 Stained glass windows in memory of a lasting friendship

Old school and family photographs

 An epaulette

Official records